The Pack

As the years went by, the pack expanded

After a break of several years, we accidentally met in the town where we both lived. We agreed to pick up the guitars again. I convinced my brother to join us. Vocals are key! And we made a set of original songs and played in bars with warm beer and cold women - this is not original (I know, Tom).


The start of a new millinium


Sidharta Gautama
Dirk Vervaet
Steve Vervaet

We were lucky to meet JP and recorded some songs at his studio. One evening, the incredibly cool Werner Dumez joined us with his magical suitcase filled with blues harps. Totally unprepared, he said "ok, let's record". One shot - bottom-up, and that became the song "Mojo".

Lupus Loop
Lupus Loop
The Change

a few years ago


Sidharta Gautama - guitar
Dirk Vervaet - guitar
Steve Vervaet - vocals, trumpet
Jochen Goethals - drums
Jurgen Denoo - double bass, trumpet


New members, new name: "Elmer T Lupus"

Jocelyn Gautama aka Noni
Dirk Vervaet singing in couch

As we welcomed a true rhythm section, it was likely we made a demo version of a few songs. So, we've spent a lovely time in a Ghent-based recording studio "The Yellow Tape" with the joyful master engineer Peter Van de Veire.

Elmer T Lupus
Elmer T Lupus
ClapTrap Dinner